Look, I updated something!

Seriously. I can't believe it, either.

But yes, my website has all sorts of new stuff on it, including pictures of recent metals class projects I just scanned and uploaded tonight. The new picture on the main page is the necklace I had to take an incomplete on last semester in order to... er, complete. So yeah, that extra time really worked for me. :)

More anon. Ha. Ha ha.
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Page of Cups

Great new polymer clay-related RSS feed

Yesterday I ran across Polymer Clay Daily, a blog showcasing some of the best in polymer clay. There are also reference links for some great work in other media that could be excellent resource material for any artist. If you're insterested in finding out more about polymer clay and the amazing things being made with it nowadays, go do some visual feasting.

I enjoyed it so much I set up an LJ feed here. I'm looking forward to savoring little pieces of polymer-clay-related eye candy on my friends list every day.

This has been a polymer service announcement. :)
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Page of Cups

New Eye Candy

I updated my website yesterday, adding a new gallery with some of my metalwork projects. I also updated my work for sale pages, marking pieces sold that aren't available any more. There's not a lot left, so if you feel the urge to order something while you can I'll throw in free shipping. Eventually all my production clay stuff will be replaced by the new things currently created only in my head.

Anyway, enjoy! And let me know if you find problems. Thanks!
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The Lovers

Maybe poetry's not so bad...

Thank you, Google.

Andre Breton, Always for the First Time

Always for the first time
Hardly do I know you by sight
You return at some hour of the night to a house at an angle to my window
A wholly imaginary house
It is there that from one second to the next
In the inviolate darkness
I anticipate once more the fascinating rift occurring
The one and only rift
In the facade and in my heart
The closer I come to you
In reality
The more the key sings at the door of the unknown room
Where you appear alone before me
At first you coalesce entirely with the brightness
The elusive angle of a curtain
It's a field of jasmine I gazed upon at dawn on a road in the vicinity of Grasse
With the diagonal slant of its girls picking
Behind them the dark falling wing of the plants stripped bare
Before them a T-square of dazzling light
The curtain invisibly raised
In a frenzy all the flowers swarm back in
It is you at grips with that too long hour never dim enough until sleep
You as though you could be
The same except that I shall perhaps never meet you
You pretend not to know I am watching you
Marvelously I am no longer sure you know
Your idleness brings tears to my eyes
A swarm of interpretations surrounds each of your gestures
It's a honeydew hunt
There are rocking chairs on a deck there are branches that may well scratch you in the forest
There are in a shop window in the rue Notre-Dame-de-Lorette
Two lovely crossed legs caught in long stockings
Flaring out in the center of a great white clover
There is a silken ladder rolled out over the ivy
There is
By my leaning over the precipice
Of your presence and your absence in hopeless fusion
My finding the secret
Of loving you
Always for the first time
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fish school

A request.

Hello, friends in livejournal-land. I have apparently gotten myself into somewhat alien territory with my first jewelry class project. I proposed using quotes from classical poetry (is that even the right term?) for love and hate which I'll transfer onto polymer clay to make rings. This would be great if I knew the first thing about poetry. I am somewhat ashamed to admit I do not. Well, maybe not ashamed, maybe just more embarassed. So many of you are so well-read that I feel out of my league quite frequently.

Which in a roundabout way brings me to my request. I would like to assemble a variety of snippets from famous poems/poets in themes of love or hate or both to use for the individual rings I'm going to make. I'm not sure where to start, although I am planning some google time later. In the meantime, I thought I'd see what you might have to suggest.

Please share any quotes/passages/excerpts you find interesting on love or hate or both in comments below? I'd really love to have a collection of favorites from my friends to use in this series.

Edit: Unlocked for more chewy goodness from the wonderful world of livejournal. (Thank you, rollick!) I'll make sure to post many pictures of this now-collaborative project as I go along. :)
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Two random things.

When you clean out your spam folder in Gmail, the empty folder page says "Hooray, no spam here!" I think that's cute. :)

I really, really want to go see The Gates this February.
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Wheel of Fortune

Hazy-minded morning.

I haven't written publicly in so long that I suddenly realized how lazy I've gotten about writing here altogether. Friends-only entries are easy, I can just dump out all the random stuff that goes through my odd little mind on any given day without censoring myself. I know the people who are reading me. There's a comfort level. Public entries are much different, especially given my tendency for paranoid speculation. Who's reading? I don't know. Could be anyone from anywhere, bringing who knows what preconceptions with them. It occurs to me my life is very compartmentalized. It always has been, really. Inside the maze with all those uniquely different spaces I feel free to wonder at the contents of each. Outside, I wonder at the necessity of creating so complex a structure in the first place. I wonder about comfort levels, and about the potential hazards of opening doors. Sometimes I wonder if this compartmentalization is healthy. I doubt it's normal. Is it?

That's about as deep as I want to get without more coffee.

Today's plans include downstairs-straightening, dishwashing, and laundry at home. This afternoon I'm off to the jewelry studio at school to cast the keys I invested the other day. I plan to use them to make the chain for my locket, completing the project. It's due Tuesday. This is my favorite part of the weekend lately; anticipating working in the jewelry studio. So fun! On the way there of course I'll stop at the Starbucks drive-thru for my customary triple mocha, another Saturday anticipation.

No doubt I'll stay late, as I have also been enjoying lately. When someone else is there, I should add. It's not as fun working there alone. With my new solitary existence and subsequent availability of discretionary free time, I've been choosing to spend my time where I like, when I like. This has mostly ended up being the studio, where people I enjoy being around are similarly engaged in creative and problem-solving pursuits. While being really, really funny in the meantime. I still get a little mental reeling effect thinking of how close I was to not taking a class at all this semester. I feel speculatively bereft contemplating how easily I could have missed out on this. I still can't believe I made that locket sometimes. I made a little house! And I never would have done it if I hadn't made it now. Lucky, lucky me.

Maybe it's the coffee talking, but thinking back over all the life choices and experiences that brought me here, I inevitably end up choosing to joyfully treasure them all. Even the ones that could be perceived as a really bad idea at the time. I enjoy being a student, I think, in life as well as in a classroom learning environment. The more I learn, the more I learn there is to learn (I'm sure someone else said that), and apparently there's nothing I enjoy more than that. I remember how excited I was to discover I could actually learn to draw. Now I can't imagine my life without drawing. It's an entirely different way of processing reality that leaves a visual record for others to interpret as they will. I feel so much richer for having this as an option to pursue.

I went to an artist friend of mine's gallery opening last night. I have one of his archival digital prints, a sketchbook page with March birds. The new work he had last night was really amazing. So much depth, with sketched birds and layered pictures from audubon books and paint sample chips and multi-directional text, all combined with exploding color. Bright dots and concentric lines and movement everywhere. I told the artist and his wife that they were like two-dimensional Cornell boxes. I was just blown away.

He teaches in addition to showing his work, and we ended up talking about 100-level classes and how different the student approach is from students in upper-level classes. How the ones who are there to learn stand out. This has always been me, at least when I'm learning something I'm interested in. This attitude of learning has served me well throughout my somewhat non-traditional life, too. I did the stupidest stuff... but I learned a lot about a lot of things. And the lessons from one experience carried into the next to bring me finally to here, a place I really like for the most part. It's taken a lot of refining, and there's been a lot of loss. And there will inevtiably be more lessons and problems to solve. The path of the student is a hard one, if the student is really looking to learn. But the rewards of knowledge and evolving wisdom through the exploration of a life have been so, so worth it.

And I'm just all over the place this morning! Not that this is unusual. I blame coffee. In some way or another, I know it's responsible.

Edit: Thanks to apel for yet another beautiful desktop picture. The number of her beautiful scenes that have graced one computer desktop of mine or another must be in the dozens by now. Fabulous. :)
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A summer book report of sorts.

This summer I read The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, over a weekend in Indiana visiting family. It's a fable about following a dream, and learning things from people along the way.

The Illustrated Alchemist

I have found this quote, more or less the theme of the fable, to be true throughout my life: "When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true". The flipside of this is that when you get close to it, the universe tests you on what you've learned before granting your wish.

I also like this, from the shepherd to the desert girl: " I love you because the whole universe conspired for me to come close to you."
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